Continuous and Autonomous Governance for Your Enterprise Cloud

The cloud lies at the heart of any digital transformation initiative. However, it is impossible to unleash the real benefits of the cloud without governance. Enterprises struggle with unabated cloud costs, operational complexities and security and regulatory compliance; and these challenges worsen with multi-cloud adoption. Your enterprise is likely no different.

With patented cloud service-chaining technology, declarative definitions and deep AI/ML, CoreStack's unique Cloud-as-Code approach helps enterprises overcome the challenges with cloud visibility, preventative governance guardrails and automatic remediation. We help you with:

  • Cost optimization - Gain actionable visibility into your overall-cloud spend, set up controls, and identify potential cost-saving opportunities
  • Compliance assurance - Avoid penalties being non-compliant with standards and regulations
  • Security posture management - Continuously assess the security controls, identify gaps and mitigate them before they're threats
  • Automated multi-cloud operations - Run lean, intelligent, and cost-effective multi-cloud operations by leveraging cloud-native capabilities
  • Frictionless cloud consumption - Accelerate innovation with self-service model tied to governance
  • Resource consistency - Categorize cloud resources consistently for better visibility, control, and accurate reporting
  • Access control - Attain a centralized view of cloud usage across departments & roles. Identify and fix violations automatically

Our customers consistently enjoy these benefits and more:

  • 20%-60% decrease in cloud costs
  • 40% increase in cloud operational efficiencies
  • 100% compliance with industry standards and best practices
  • 30%-50% reduction in compliance certification costs 
  • 60%-80% improvement in overall operational automation

We can help you as well. Learn more and find out why CoreStack is right for your business.